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( 1944 To 1991 A.D.)

Acharya Shri Dharmadasji Maharaj

Glimps of His life and work:

  1. Born at Bengram, Sikkim, in Vikram era 1964.
  2. Became a disciple at the age of 4.
  3. Left home at the age of 23 and devoted himself to religious work.
  4. At the age of 29 he came to Shri 5 Navtanpuri Dham and studied Sanskrit.
  5. In 1945 A.D. he became the 13th preceptor of Shri 5 Navtanpuri Ddham.
  6. In 1956 A.D. he organized the first 108 Parayan in memory of Shri 108 Dhanidasji Maharaj and established this tradition.
  7. In 1957 A.D. practiced Maunvrata, the vow of silence, for one year.
  8. In 1960 A.D., toured African countries for religious propaganda.
  9. In 1967 A.D. established Atithi Bhavan and Annapurna Bhavan at Shri Navtanpuri Dham.
  10. In 1968 toured North-eastern areas of India.
  11. In 1971, Established Gaushala Bhavan.
  12. In 1972, Published 'Shri Tartam Sagar' in Gujarati script, established Vidyarthi Ashram (a hostel for students).
  13. In 1975, established charitable dispensary.
  14. In 1979, organized tri-centenary festival to commenrarote Shri Prannathji's triumphant performance at the Haridwar religious meet.
  15. In 1981, attended the Vishwa Hindu Sammelan(World Hindu conference) at Nepal as a representative of Shri Pranami Religion.
  16. In 1982, organized the first 1008 parayan to commemorate the fourth centenary of Sadguru Shri Devchandraji Maharaj.
  17. In 1988, established the Pranami High School and Gurukul Bhavan.
  18. In 1992,12 August, on the Purnima of the month of Shravan breathed his last.
  19. In 1992,16 August, his last rites and samadhi at the central place at Gurukul complex.